• RM Gearbox Specialists offers the best quality at the best price

    We specialize in the repair and renovation of manual, automatic, dual clutch, AMT gearboxes and differentials.
    We do our best to offer you the best service at a reasonable price. If you need more information then please contact us and our staff will do everything possible to help.

We offer

Complete Rebuild Automatic Transmissions

also fix

Mechatronic Units

Clutch Replacment

Manual gearboxes
Dual clutch transmissions
Automatic Manual transmissions (AMT)

Gears and Synchro

Manual gearboxes

Bearings Replacment

Gearboxes and Transmissions
Transfer boxes

Why choose us?

We care about your car

We will thoroughly examine your car, make sure that all defects have been eliminated.

We care about quality

We will work on all types of vehicles. While finding the problem, our technicians will talk you through everything. They will show you the issue and help you make the best decision.

Many years of experience

RM Gearbox Specialists technicians are fully trained and experienced in gearbox repairs. We believe in quality for all your repairs while keeping them at an affordable price.